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Scoundrel’s Lounge is pure Rock and Soul drawing on their influences of old blues to house party rock and roll, and creating a buzz around the Asheville-Waynesville area that’s guaranteed to get people moving.  This trio of guitar, bass, and drums, with over 60 years of combined experience, are professionals at playing to the room. There’s no place too big or small.

 Guitarist and vocalist Chris “Lumbo” Lombardi has been around the block a few times. Growing up in New England and playing the bar circuit when he was 17, gave him the confidence to thrive as a musician.  After moving to the west coast, Lumbo became part of the North West blues circuit and then played in the house band at the famous Blue Lamp in San Francisco, where he graced the stage with some serious players like Zigaboo Modeliste and Kenny Neal. He’s also had the priviledge to open up for acts such as James Brown, Flogging Molly, and Booker T.

Anthony Gibson has been playing the drums for well over 20 years.Growing up he was molded by his parent’s love of music.From his earliest memories he was singing harmonies between Dad’s falsetto and Mom’s lead melody. Inspired by the likes of John Bonham, Neil Peart,and Bill Ward, he cut his teeth playing the drums when he was 15 yrs old. Combining the thunder of heavy metal, the dynamics from a jazz ensemble,and the polish of a rock band with three part harmonies,he’s taken a bit from everything he’s learned and has created a signature sound.”Little Tony G.”has great feel for what a song needs,and a voice that can lead and and follow.

Sean “Crispy” Carey has been on the WNC music scene for 20 years, playing bass and guitar for numerous acts. As well as playing solo acoustic acts, his talent is his love and ability to play all styles of music. Sean also hones his skills by record music in his personal studio.